There’s no age limit for Santa!

One of the most famous people in the world. He might not be followed around by the paparazzi, but at this time of the year people all over the world are talking about one person. Santa Claus. Have you been good enough this year to get the presents you want for Christmas? I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to give Santa my Christmas wishes in person.

IMG 16902 533x400 Theres no age limit for Santa!

After travelling through the snow covered arctic wilderness, we found Santa’s Workshop hidden in the woods, lit by shimmering lanterns. Excited elves came to greet us and let us know what they had planned. The festive atmosphere was contagious, and any apprehension I had about this just being for children flew up the chimney of Santa’s roaring fire! I was tempted inside by wafts of spice coming from inside the workshop. Mrs Claus and the elves welcomed me to their gingerbread table where I could shape my own biscuits before they baked them for me. There were plenty of other crafty things to do indoors and I chose to make my very own elf out of a slice of Finnish pine!

IMG 1165 533x400 Theres no age limit for Santa!

Finally, the big moment arrived; I was waiting outside Santa’s door. I couldn’t believe that I actually felt nervous about meeting him! When the elf opened the door, I went into Santa’s room feeling like I was four years old again. I’m not exactly sure what Santa first asked me as I was completely star struck. Unable to form a coherent sentence, I took some photos and smiled a lot. Finally having regained my composure, I chatted with Santa and asked him about his favourite food and drink. Having spent my childhood leaving whisky and mince pies out for Santa as a little thank you for bringing my present, I was a bit upset to find out his favourite food is actually porridge and his drink of choice would be milk……. I can’t understand what led my parents to get this so wrong when I was little?!

IMG 39311 600x400 Theres no age limit for Santa!

When I got back outside it had started to get dark and I could see the frozen air sparkling like fairy lights. Even though I know the temperature was well into the minus figures it was a pleasant crisp cold, totally the opposite of the damp wet cold we get in the UK. Wrapped in plenty of layers it really didn’t feel cold at all, and if any one was feeling a bit chilly but wanted to stay outside, one of the elves suggested trying out the snowshoes and whizzing around on a kicksled – a mixture between a sledge and a scooter and a very popular way to get around over here.

IMG 1285 533x400 Theres no age limit for Santa!
After taking a ride on the ‘snowmobile train’ through the wilderness surrounding the workshop, I went to meet the Reindeer and was introduced to Comet. At this time of the year Rudolph is resting, preparing for his important role in ensuring all the good boys and girls around the world wake up to presents on Christmas Day, but I felt very honoured to have the chance to meet one of Santa’s main sleigh team.

photo 300x400 Theres no age limit for Santa!
My visit to Santa’s workshop was certainly an experience I will never forget, but everything about Lapland provides long lasting memories. Who wants to be singing “Dashing through the snow on a one horse open sleigh….” When you could be dashing through real snow being pulled by a reindeer across a frozen lake, or mushing your own husky sled through the winter wonderland?

IMG 3895 600x400 Theres no age limit for Santa!

Lapland is not just special during December, but remains a perfect winter wonderland until at least April with some truly unique activities and perfect snow conditions. Also, here in Finland, Santa is not just for Christmas; he enjoys meeting boys and girls of all ages throughout the year so people can thank him for gifts received and get their wish list in early for next year!

IMG 0752 533x400 Theres no age limit for Santa!

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