How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day on your ski holiday

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You probably know ski holidays as active adventures in a wild and rugged environment. Skiing and romance are not two words that you normally hear together, but we can’t imagine why. What could be more romantic that a candle lit dinner in a rustic, mountain restaurant? What better setting for a passionate holiday for two than the beautiful snow-capped mountains?


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and one of the best snowfalls in the Alps in recent memory, there are few places we’d rather be with our loved ones than in the mountains. Call us silly romantics if you will, but here’s how we’d spend Valentine’s Day on our ski holiday:


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A morning skiing together

Skiing on the mountain is always more enjoyable with the people you love – especially that one special person.


It can be hard to find the time or the place where you’re truly alone together. But on the mountains with vast acres of piste before you and a wild snow-covered landscape, you can easily find a quiet corner to yourselves.


Our perfect Valentine’s Day morning involves skiing across the mountains, challenging each other to the best ski runs. We’d discover fascinating views, laugh together, and enjoy a chairlift made for two.


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A romantic hot chocolate

They say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. With that in mind, nothing could be more romantic than breaking our morning skiing with a trip to a cosy mountain café and enjoying that most traditional of skier’s drinks – a hot chocolate.


Our favourite hot chocolate pit stops come complete with fluffy blankets, so we can cosy up with our loved ones and keep each other warm.


From cosy hot chocolates to stylish après ski bars. Towards the end of the ski day, a rewarding glass of wine at a piste side bar is an absolute necessity. We picture a secluded corner where we can admire the beauty of the mountains together.


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A relaxing spa treatment

No ski holiday is complete without a trip to a spa or sauna.  Once we’ve finished skiing, we naturally gravitate to our hotel’s spa complex where we relax in the whirlpool or hot tub and receive a therapeutic beauty treatment. By the end of our session, we’re both completely relaxed.


So many activities in the mountains are perfect for couples. If a spa session doesn’t appeal, a trip to the ice skating rink could be the perfect alternative. Imagine dancing on ice in an open-air, winter wonderland setting.


Blog ValentinesDay 04 How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day on your ski holiday

Snow shoeing makes another excellent alternative. It’s a great way to get close to nature and explore the beautiful scenery that surrounds you on your holiday. What could be more romantic?


A perfect dinner date

Bringing a perfect day to a perfect end, we head for a candle lit dinner at a traditional restaurant in resort. The warm cosy atmosphere is the ideal setting for delicious food made from fresh local produce accompanied by fine wine. We finish our meal, and our conversation with a delicious selection of the finest cheese. It’s sure to put a smile on both our faces.


Are you looking to escape the country this Valentine’s Day? A ski holiday makes the perfect Valentine’s gift. The winter wonderland setting is an ideal romantic destination. Contact Inghams today to plan your perfect romantic ski getaway.


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