Loving it in Lapland – Part 2

Marketing and Travel Freelance Mary Finucane shares her diary of her adventure in Lapland..

Day 3 – Still no sign of the northern lights. I am reliably told – by NASA no less – that 2012/13 is the best time to spot them and they will shine at their best (in 50 years) in this season but I am not so lucky. I decided to take this Northern Light hunting on seriously and booked a glass igloo overnight. Set out in the woodlands about a 20 minute taxi ride from Levi, we set up camp for the night. Our first port of call is a cosy log cabin which is bright with a freshly lit log fire. We can roast complimentary sausages by the fire if we like, take the cold off our feet and bask in its warm ambiance.  Aaron thinks Santa lives here and that we have just missed him.  Just across the way is our glass igloo. For all the world it looks like we are stepping into a bubble.  It is stylish, contemporary and cleverly designed within a small space. Our expansive double bed has literally a set of gears that allow you to move the bed up and down to the right level for perfect star gazing. Aaron thinks this is great fun and practically wears the controls out.  We tucked into our complimentary welcome basket of goodies (with bubbly) and set watch for the night.  Lying there, in the perfect stilly night, cocooned in our furry blankets with the whole universe wrapped around our bubble, is quite an experience. Still we never saw the northern lights. Just lots of lovely wild reindeer who took no notice of us at all. So the search continues. Another great reason to come back to Lapland.

Day 4 – We are in a routine now. I ski in the morning while my mother and son hang out. Today we check out the wonderful spa world at the Levitunturi Spa Hotel. As a guest at the hotel this is free but you can also buy a day pass and stay as long as you like. It has lots of saunas and some 18 different pools including a very cold walk- through one that brings you to outside, your backdrop being the illuminated slopes behind.  Scandinavian tradition has it that you immerse yourself in the cold pool, plunge into the hot tub, then literally roll your body in the snow, after which you dip yourself back in the hot tub. I am not so brave but we enjoy the show. Maybe next time we’ll try.

levitunturi spa hotel 5775 spa hot tub Loving it in Lapland – Part 2

Levitunturi Spa, hot tub

That evening we visit Santa in his magical forest. We meet our friendly host of elves who lead us on the secret path to reach Father Christmas. It is so stunningly pretty. A haven of light and wonder.  Aaron gets to relay his long wish list of presents and is given a toy husky dog as a small gift to take away. It is thrilling for all concerned.  We also take a reindeer ride across a frozen lake and afterwards do some ice fishing but we did not catch a single fish. Another reason to go come back.

More next week on Mary’s time in Lapland.

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