Edelweiss & Gurgl Hotel – a part of history in Obergurgl

For over 125 years the Edelweiss & Gurgl Hotel has been run by the Scheiber family and is very much in the heart of Obergurgl. The Scheiber family first welcomed guests to the Edelweiss in the summer of 1889, providing rooms for mountaineers, researches and painters, all of whom were drawn to Obergurgl’s picturesque location at the end of the Ötztal. Up until 1904 it was just the Gasthaus Edelweiss and during the early years the gasthaus gained reputation for its food and service. The Hotel Gurgl was built in 1935 and in 1951 the Edelweiss also gained hotel status. After continued expansion the two hotels are now one complex that attracts guests from all over the world.

Obergurgl1 e1423664865511 Edelweiss & Gurgl Hotel   a part of history in Obergurgl


Obergurgl2 Edelweiss & Gurgl Hotel   a part of history in Obergurgl

A Heritage and Legacy continued… 

The current owner of the hotel is Lucas who is a fourth generation member of the Scheiber family

 ”Since  1889 my family has focused on two things: making our guests happy and promoting sustainable tourism in the Ötztal Valley”

Lucas Scheiber


The Edelweiss & Gurgl is at the very centre of Obergurgl and is also next to two of the main lifts, the four man chair Rosskarban and gondola Hohe Mutt Bahn. After breakfast in the morning go down to the ski room put on your boots grab your skis and out the door to the lifts, perfect! Next to the ski room and part of the hotel is Scheiber Sport, one of the main ski rental shops in Obergurgl, which makes everything so easy having everything under one roof.

So what are the Edelweiss & Gurgl’s best qualities? I’ve mentioned its fantastic location and its family roots in the village, so I shall tell you what they offer you as a guest. This is a four star hotel and you get treated to amazing hospitality. The food is second to none with a five course evening meal made from fresh, local produce and once a week there is a farmers buffet and desert buffet.
The hotel also boasts an incredible spa and beauty area with indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpool, gym and different types of saunas. What more could you want from a hotel?

The Edelweiss & Gurgl always receive high praise about the staff that they employ. Inghams guests often comment on their level of professionalism and how friendly and approachable they are.

Obergurgl3 Edelweiss & Gurgl Hotel   a part of history in Obergurgl

Meet Bibiana Gstrein and Anna Paris. Bibiana hails from Obergurgl and Anna from South Tyrol, Itlay. Both work as Receptionists and started in November 2014.  Says Bibiana ““I like working here because I get to work with people everyday, I also grew up with the family with customers” Anna adds “I enjoy working in hospitality, working with customers“.


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Meet Sena Zurik, from Germany and Dalgat Dalgatov from Austria but born in Russia. Sena works as a Bartender and started in November 2014. She says “I love my job because of the people,  my colleagues, the family and I love and I have a lot of fun”
living in Obergurgl”  Dalgat is the Head Barman and waiter and he started 5 years ago.  ”l like working at the hotel because of the people and I have a lot of fun!”

The Edelweiss & Gurgl is a special place here in Obergurgl. From its roots in villages history to what makes it today, the passion of the family and staff that maintain the hotels impeccable standards.

Next time you stay there join your Inghams representative on a Saturday at 18:00 for your welcome into resort and also one of the highlights of the week, on Monday at 21:00 it’s the Inghams quiz for some with great prizes!

Words: Timothy Mann 

Obergurgl Resort Representative


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