Crans Montana – A Culinary Delight

Managing Director of Cockermouth Travel, Paul Cusack on the mouth-watering appeal of Crans Montana (oh and the skiing is great too!)


CransMontana Saas Fee March 2013 016 300x225 Crans Montana   A Culinary Delight

Working off the next great meal!

Breaking news! Inghams to offer free Weight Watchers membership to all guests returning from Switzerland! Or they should!

Having just returned from an amazing fam trip where we visited the hidden gem that is Crans Montana … South facing slopes with stunning views (my favourite hotel was the Art de Vivre) and the very traditional and beautiful Saas Fee. You might expect me to write about the skiing, boarding and hotels but the main highlight of our 5 day visit was the food! We had amazing meal after amazing meal and it was virtually impossible to turn any dish down such was the quality and the mouth-watering appeal of everything put in front of us.

CransMontana Saas Fee March 2013 005 300x225 Crans Montana   A Culinary Delight

Weight Watchers here I come!

A couple of highlights would be lunch at the Mittelallain in Saas Fee – the world’s highest revolving restaurant (although it did take one of our group an hour to realise the view was changing by the minute) and the 5 star catering in the 3 star hotel Ambassador. The food and the service was superb and a credit to the company, chef and all the team at the hotel. (After 30 years in the trade I’m a complete snob and very fussy but I genuinely couldn’t find fault).

Did you know? At Inghams super-duper new HQ they have a posh kitchen where they conduct masterchef style auditions for potential chefs and chalet hosts. The “contestants” are put on the spot and presented with a selection of ingredients and the men are very quickly weeded out from the boys! Clever!!

CransMontana Saas Fee March 2013 009 300x225 Crans Montana   A Culinary Delight

Restaurant Le Mayen, Crans Montana

Well enough gibberish from me – I’m off to Sainsbury’s to stock up on 3 lettuce leaves for tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Paul (now the not so proud owner of a 20 pack stomach) Cusack, MD & chief window washer Cockermouth Travel

Paul travelled to Crans Montana in March 2013 – a new Inghams resort

For more information about Crans Montana ski resort, read our blog post “Introducing you to NEW resort Crans Montana, Switzerland and Ski Inclusive“.


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