The Most Beautiful Mountain Marathon In The World

Every year on the second Saturday in September the streets of Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region are filled with 4,000 runners from over 55 countries and all five continents.   They are all here to take part in what has

The most beautiful mountain marathon in the world
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Welcome to Montreux!

It was with high spirits that I boarded the train at Geneva Airport, though with a tint of cautious trepidation. I had read all about Montreux and the Swiss Riviera, of course; its stories of history, artistic heritage and beautiful

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The Niesenbahn

A visit up the Niesen is a must-do while you’re on holiday in Kandersteg. The funicular is so easy to reach – simply hop on the train from Kandersteg and its only 25 minutes away (no changes required either!). You

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Join Us For Le Tour de France 2016!

  It may have only been a little under three months since the final wheels spun on Le Tour 2015 but excitement is already rising, not least because a few short days ago, much to the excitement of the entire

JUNGFRAU REGION mountain view - cycling action
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The Great Aletsch Glacier Hike

        The idea of completing a two day hike across Continental Europe’s longest Glacier came from two guests who announced to me at a welcome meeting one day, that they were planning on complete the journey with

Aletsch glacier hike - Inghams go further
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All you want to know about Alpkäse…

  It’s nearing the end of September which means only one thing in the Bernese Oberland; it’s time for the Alpaufzug, the return of the cows from the high mountain pastures or alps down to the lowlands to escape the

WENGEN Eiger, Maench and Jungfrau - cow
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The Geissenkehr: Zermatt’s Daily Goat Parade!

  Zermatt is the only resort featured in the Inghams brochure which can boast a daily goat parade for six weeks during the summer season from end of June to mid August.     Now these are no ordinary mountain

Zermatt Goat Parade Blog pic 2
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Sunrise Excursion On Gornergrat Mountain

A holiday to Zermatt is not complete without a trip up the famous rack and pinion railway from Zermatt village up all 3089m, to the top of Gornergrat Mountain. It is, in fact, one of the highest mountain train excursions

Sunrise on Matterhorn with reflection in Riffelsee
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