A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

image01 A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

The scenery of the Dolomites, 3,000m above sea level, is simply breathtaking. It is a landscape of beautiful, jagged mountains, winding meadows and stark contrasting colours between the pale rock surfaces and the forests below.


image02 A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

The Dolomites are unique. The sheer vertical walls and crags are like no other mountain range. Emerging from the oceans floors, the rocks are layered with fossils from the Triassic period. It is a climber’s paradise, a renowned skiing destination, and the perfect destination for anyone with a love for mountains.


image03 A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

Located close to Lake Garda, the journey to the Dolomites is about more than the destination. The scenery in-between is also stunning. The Trentino region, which you travel through, is full of apple trees, vineyards and olive groves. Expect to be captivated by historic castles perched on top on rocky terrains. There is something to capture the imagination at every turn.


image04 A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

A cable car takes you to the peak of the Dolomites, overlooking the Italian Alps and beyond. A praised piece of engineering, the cable car allows visitors to admire Mother Nature at its finest. At 2,282m above sea level, the panoramic sights present the true essence of the Dolomites.


image05 A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

Until the end of World War I, the Dolomites were a part of Austria. Today the mountains act as the border between the two countries but the Austrian influence is still visible to this day. In this part of the world, the two cultures of Austria and Italy are inextricably mixed.


image06 A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

Explore the valley and you’ll discover villages such as Ortiz, where the distinctive, ancient language known as ‘Ladin’ is spoken. You can admire the locals’ amazing wood craving skills. And, of course, apple strudel is ubiquitous, as are the famous, Austrian style ‘speck’ dumplings.


image07 A picture perfect tour of the Dolomites

The journey back to Lake Garda is full of visual splendour. Eyes fixate on the rivers that weave through the narrow valleys. The journey passes turquoise lakes and idyllic countryside. The route follows the main source of Lake Garda, the River Sacra, which carries fresh water from the Italian Alps all the way to the small wind surfers’ town of Torbole.


Reach stunning new height this summer with an excursion to the Dolomites, an extraordinary product of natural history. A tour of the Dolomites can be booked from most northern towns in Lake Garda, including Riva del Garda. This beautiful region truly deserves your admiration.


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