Locarno: Valle Verzasca

The magical jade green waters of the river Verzasca pass through this spectacular valley and this fantastic part of the world is just a short bus ride away from Locarno! It is the perfect location for walkers or for those who are just looking to admire the beauty of the natural world.



Verzasca Dam


Entering the valley you climb the winding roads and can’t help but admire the impressive scenery. The first important pit stop is the Verzasca dam. Most famous for starring in James Bond ‘Golden Eye’ when Agent 007 launches himself off the 220 metre high wall, this amazing piece of architecture lies at Lago di Vogorno and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can follow in Bond’s footsteps to experience the world’s highest bungee jump.



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As you continue up the valley you will come to Lavertezzo – just one of the gorgeous little villages scattered along the valley. Here you will see the famous Ponte dei Salti, an ancient Roman bridge. You can also admire the emerald green, crystal clear waters and on a sunny day there couldn’t be a better place to go swimming although beware, the current of this river can be very strong in places creating natural Jacuzzis. Here you will also see that the village is full of traditional Ticinese ‘grottos’. These are authentic restaurants from the Ticino region where you can sit outside on stone tables and experience the true culture of this magnificent part of Switzerland.



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On your way to Sonogno you will pass many other tiny, traditional villages, all of which are worth a visit. Sonogno is a small medieval Swiss village at the end of Valley Verzasca. It’s a fascinating destination and the perfect place to buy typical local products such as Ticinese wine and cheese. You can also enjoy a meal in a traditional grotto surrounded by the Swiss mountains and exceptionally beautiful Verzasca river. Try the delicious regional polenta dishes!


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Blog by Meredith Roberts, Inghams Representative in Locarno, Switzerland.

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