Getting to know Seefeld

seefeld Getting to know Seefeld

This summer we have a totally new Inghams team in Seefeld: Hannah, Annmarie, Jack and myself (Nick). As experienced reps but new to this town, this was a unique opportunity for us to experience the resort as our guests: overwhelmed by the wonders of the local area.


We weren’t disappointed with our first glimpses of the region. Climbing the high plateau, nearly 600 metres above the Inn valley, we were rewarded with sweeping panoramic views. It is only a half hour trip to Seefeld from nearby Innsbruck, where we arrived into Austria. We were in our new summer home before we knew it.


Our first mission, on arrival, was to get acquainted with the town. Starting on the shores of Wildsee, the lake south of town, we wandered the streets, receiving cheery ‘hellos’ from horse drawn carriage operators. We eventually arrived in the heart of the old town, Kirchplatz. This square is dominated by the historic and typically Austrian St Oswald church.


An essential refreshment stop was also an excellent opportunity to introduce ourselves to the local business owners. Our walk continued past the Inghams office, the police and fire stations and back around to the train station, helping us to get our bearings. We were particularly thrilled to discover the local Chinese restaurant!


While it was quiet in town, we decided to speak with the local hoteliers who we would be working closely with for the rest of the summer. We took full advantage of their local knowledge and they couldn’t have been more obliging and helpful. We were delighted to see our guests would be in capable and caring hands during their holidays.


seefeld02 Getting to know Seefeld

Before our guests arrived we wanted to sample some of the many, many walks available in Seefeld and further afield. We merrily experienced some of the gentle strolls found on the plateau. We rather more gingerly trekked some of the mountain walks, inventing the new term: ‘unintentional long-cuts’ as it sounds better than getting lost!


During our short time in resort we have only uncovered a small portion of what Seefeld has to offer. We can’t wait to see what other gems the resort has in store for us. After our first few days, the Inghams team in Seefeld could all agree that we were very excited for the coming summer and what possibilities the resort held for our guests and us.


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