Bardolino: the home of the wine festival

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Visitors exploring the vineyards near Bardolino

Italy - somewhere that offers the best of all of life’s luxuries: culture, history, great pizza and ice cream, and most importantly wine! Italy is home to some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. This country is the single most prolific wine producer, creating as much as 26% of the world’s wine, and Bardolino plays an important part in this national industry.


Bardolino is located on the southeast shore of Lake Garda. As well as its natural beauty, the town is renowned for the two festivals it holds each summer to celebrate the local wine! At the start of June, Bardolino hosts the Chiaretto DoC wine festival and in September, it hosts the famous Bardolino Wine Festival.


The Bardolino Wine Festival takes place over three days at the end of September. The festival starts on Friday night and ends with a spectacular display of fireworks (as long as the weather permits it!) While it celebrates a wide range of wine varieties, the Chiaretto DoC festival, is dedicated to this one titular, local wine.


A rosé, Bardolino’s Chiaretto DoC is one of the most lauded wines in the Veronese area. Made from a variety of red-grape with a floral scent, it is best served chilled, which is the traditional style for this type of wine.


The festival is thriving with activities: wine tasting, gastronomical delights, live music and much more. There is a great amount to explore and experience. The festival take place in the historic town center of Bardolino and invites tourists, wine lovers and the locals to enjoy the festivities.


Arriving at the festival you will discover the beach promenade full of locals and tourists queueing to sample Bardolino’s best rose wine. You will see the promenade lit with pink lighting and decorated with long drapes that create a scenic ambience. There lively atmosphere and all involved are chatty and having a great time.


With your first sample is the option to purchase a Bardolino wine festival glass. With your glass you are given a carry-pouch to ensure that you don’t drop or lose it. As the night leads on, you will witness a fantastic display of fireworks light up the lake in elaborate Italian style.


Afterwards, is the opportunity to sample more wine, buying bottles or glasses. It is not a night of heavy drinking, but it is an exciting atmosphere and a wonderful experience.


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