Beyond Skis: Ice Skating and Ice Hockey

We know you can go ice skating in this country, but nothing quite matches skating in the midst of a snow-bound, wintery landscape. Whether you’re twirling on the ice like Torvill and Dean, getting scrappy in an ice hockey match,

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Beyond Skis: Cross-country skiing

Yes – we realise that cross-country involves skis, but they’re not downhill skis. It’s not all about downhill skiing. Visit the mountains this winter and look beyond the lift pass. You’ll discover a whole world of exciting sports that you

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Beyond Skis: Curling

Winter sports aren’t limited to skiing and snowboarding. Head to the mountains this winter and you’ll encounter a host of exciting activities that take advantage of the cold environment. In this edition of Beyond Skis, we’re focusing on one of

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Beyond Skis: Bobsleigh and luge

Skiing isn’t the only epic winter sport you could be participating in this winter. The mountains are a veritable playground filled with adventurous activities. In our series Beyond Skis we’ll throw the spotlight on a specially selected winter sport that

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An 8-week ski holiday: retired skiing in Filzmoos, Austria

When John Mather retired he and his wife decided to celebrate with an 8-week long, extended ski holiday to Filzmoos. The pretty, little ski resort captured their imagination and the 8-week ski holiday is now a yearly tradition. John reveals

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5 Top ski events to look forward to in February

It might be the shortest month of the year but we think it’s one of the best. For many of us, with Half Term just around the corner, it’s the best time of year to ski with our families. We

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How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day on your ski holiday

You probably know ski holidays as active adventures in a wild and rugged environment. Skiing and romance are not two words that you normally hear together, but we can’t imagine why. What could be more romantic that a candle lit

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5 Iconic mountains that will take your breath away

Mountains. Where would we be without them? Downhill skiing would be a lot harder, that’s for sure. Mountains cover a staggering 22% of the Earth’s land surface making it one of the most important environments on the planet, and no

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